Top software dev job boards

I’ve been working on posting a web software developer job opening and it’s taken a fair amount of research to find the various job boards that seem to be appropriate. I thought other could benefit from this list, and I’d be happy to expand or update it if I’ve missed something.

  • We Work Remotely ($200/30 days) – new as of Nov. 2013
    This will eventually repalce the 37signals job board (linked to below). It’s specific for remote workers for tech companies.

  • 37signals job board ($400/30 days) – being replaced by We Work Remotely (above)
    Some startups, some larger companies and universities. Almost all web and iOS, lots of Rails.

  • Careers @ StackOverflow ($350/30 days)
    Broad range of technology (not just web). Broad range of companies too.

  • GitHub Jobs ($350/30 days)
    Mostly web and iOS (although there is a job posting for a “Malicious Code Analysis Researcher”). Mostly startups, with a few larger companies and universities.

  • CrunchBoard ($200/30 days)
    It seems like a broad range of companies post on here (lots I hadn’t heard of). It seems less focused on technical jobs than GitHub or StackOverflow.

  • Ars jobs ($150 until filled)
    Less startups, more larger companies including some game developers (BioWare, Blizzard). Mostly developer jobs with a wide range of technologies (not just web).

  • LinkedIn ($195/30 days in Raleigh/Durham area)
    Obviously this includes all kinds of jobs from all kinds of companies.

  • Authentic jobs ($99/30 days)
    Almost all web development, mostly agency jobs and larger companies. This website has great UI.

  • AngelList (? – might be free, can’t tell without creating startup profile)
    AngelList is specifically for startups, so these are all designer or developer openings at startups.

  • Forrst jobs ($159/30 days)
    This job board has postings for both designers and developers. It looks like almost all the jobs are for startups or agencies.


  • (free, but requires Hacker News) karma to post)
    It seems like this isn’t as active as it was a month ago, but I did get some good responses to a post from mid-November. Posts are primarily from web startups.

  • Monthly “Who is hiring?” post at Hacker News (free)
    On the first of each month, there is a “Who is hiring?” post that is always upvoted to the front page. Posts are generally by startups and companies that have some connection to the startup scene.

  • Startuply (free)
    I just ran across this today, but it looks like it’s a job site specifically for startups. The postings are for both technical and non-technical jobs.

  • Craigslist (free at least in Raleigh/Durham)

Other resources

Update (6 April 2012)

I received a bunch of great feedback on Google Plus and HN. Thanks to everyone who provide input! I’ve summarized the comments below as I thought it might be useful, especially for someone who is looking for a job.

  • There are job boards on two established sites that I should have mentioned: AngelList and Forrst. I’ve added these above.

  • Interview Street connects you with jobs if you can solve programming problems on their website. I’ve done a few of their problems and found them pretty interesting.

  • There are some technology-specific job boards:
  • For jobs in India, it looks like the HasGeek Job Board might be a good bet.

  • There are a few more general job boards that might be useful:
    • ($495/30 days; yikes!) was mentioned as a good place for contract programming jobs. They have all kinds of other tech-related jobs too.
    • Krop ($199/30 days) is a job board for “creative jobs” that has some developer job posts.
    • (pay per click) is a general job board that has a lot of developer jobs on it.
    • USAJOBS is the place to go for government jobs.
    • Someone mentioned Do people still use this?
  • A bunch of job board startups contacted me:
    • Masterbranch ($300/30 days) is a developer-focused job board. They create profiles for developers automatically from code in a SCM (example).
    • Find Bacon ($99/30 days) is a job board specifically for designers and developers. They aggregate from other job boards too.
    • Job4Dev (?) is a job board for the “information technology industry,” but it looks like mostly engineering jobs.
    • Jobs Tractor searches Twitter for job openings and aggregates by physical location.
    • Startup Frontier is a weekly newsletter of job openings with interviews of startups with job openings. The idea is to give people a better idea of the company than comes through in a standard job posting.
    • Whitetruffle is like blind dating for jobs. Companies review potential employees anonymously, and vice versa. Contact information is exchanged if both think it’s a good match. I’m not sure if it costs money.
    • ($99/? days) is a job board where “hackers hire hackers.” They have normal job postings as well as a few small contract jobs and open source bounties.
    • Pareer has an interesting model where users are paid referral fees for successful hires (Pareer takes 15% of the referral).

Update 2 (8 Jan 2012)

Hirelite (between $300 and $600) is like speed dating for developer job interviews. You do 10 five-minute interviews per session. Sessions are for specific locations and developer focus (front or back end).

Update 3 (24 May 2012)

A few updates in the job board startup department:

  • HeadHuntable is self-described as LinkedIn for developers + challenges. Their site combines a bunch of features from some of the more modern job boards: e.g. fancy developer profiles, programming challenges, and candidate search and job application management for employers. They have a slick screenshot tour that’s worth checking out.
  • Jojari searches for jobs using your resume for keywords, so you don’t have to fill out any forms. They’re searching other job boards (they don’t have their own yet), but they seem to return pretty good results based on a few minutes of testing with entering random keywords instead of an actual resume. I’d be curious to see how they handle a real resume.

Update 4 (7 Dec 2012)

  • There’s an interesting Forbes article about a site called Developer Auction. They screen developers and then auction the best off to top tech companies. Developers who get hired get a kickback from Developer Auction in addition to whatever they get from their new job.

    This kind of thing probably only works when there’s a talent shortage, but that’s what we have right now.

  • Hacker Jobs UK is exactly what it sounds like. It’s currently free to post jobs. It looks like they have listings for a mix of web/mobile job openings.

  • Roundabout (UK) is a developer job board startup specific to London. They let employers post single job openings for free, but charge for a company profile with multiple jobs.

  • Jobquacks aggregates tweets mentioning developer jobs by region. The “change location” functionality appears to be broken right now, but it has surprisingly good results for Baltimore (my autodetected location).

Update 5 (6 April 2013)

  • Five Year Itch anonymously puts programmers in touch with potential employers. It appears to be designed for people who are trying to find a better gig without tipping off their current boss, although there’s no reason why a freelancer or new dev couldn’t use the site. It’s free for hires; they make money charging employers. They promise no recruiter spam.

  • Python Jobs HQ is a Python-specific job board associated with Pycoder’s Weekly.

Update 6 (7 Nov 2013)

  • Added We Work Remotely, noted deprecation of the original 37signals job board.

Update 7 (1 Jun 2014)

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